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Your website is not just a website.

It's your dog expertise - well-designed.

Attract attention

with beautiful design and functionality

Stand out

with unique and memorable branding


with professionally edited content

How it works

Building a website is a journey. Let's make it fun.

Don't worry. We got this. No more soul-crushing hours wasted on trying to get plugins to work or making all headlines to be the same size. No more sleepless nights spent contemplating on what your branding should be and whether or not you even have a brand. The pain ends here. We got this.

Our website design process takes your idea of what your company online presence should look like and makes it real. It is (almost) like magic. At the end you get a website you love, and your visitors trust enough to contact you.

How it works


Flexible pricing for any budget.

Our website packages are built for pet businesses of all sizes. From solopreneurs just starting out, to established businesses that are looking for expansion and brand upgrade.

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It's crowded on the web

Statistics don’t lie. 85% of consumers search for local businesses online. It sounds good, doesn't it? Your potential clients are online, your website is online… but so are your competitors. The Internet brings businesses closer than ever.

Chances are you are not the only dog walker, groomer, sitter, (include your profession here) in town. It’s estimated that this year in the U.S. alone $62.75 billion will be spent on pets. In other words, it’s a big pie, and everyone wants a bite.

"Just a website" won’t make your phone ring off the hook

A "simple" lackluster website (as in out-of-the-box template) might be a good start. But it won't bring the calls and sales you need. If you are doing something unique, like grooming hamsters or renting out chickens, you might fare alright. But more traditional pet businesses are likely to have competitors that show up within the same google search results.

You need to give people a reason to choose your company. You know you are good at what you do, you have a gift with animals, and you truly care about your clients. But they don’t know it yet. All they see is your website.

So what makes people click that “Contact Us” button?

You need trust.

Trust is the secret to successful business

When people trust your company, they believe you will deliver on your promise, be that the longest dog walks or the funnest cat visits. If they don’t trust you, they are not going to call you.

Trust Building 101

So how do you build trust with potential clients on your website? Get ready, the lesson is about to start.

Look Good

People will judge your business based on the look of your website. It might sound unfair, but it is true. Professionally designed, good looking websites have higher conversion rates. Research shows that over 75% of factors responsible for mistrusting a website are design related.

We humans just can’t help but like a pretty thing.

Be Easy to Use

One of the reasons to mistrust a website is when it is difficult to use. People often can't find the information they need, page navigation is confusing, forms are too long, page layout is too distracting, booking process is not convenient, and so on.

When your website is easy to use, people are more likely to sign up for your services. After all, if your website is cool, your services must be amazing.

Impress with Your Brand

Branding is a trendy concept, it sounds fancy and big companies love using it. Yet for a small business, branding is more important than ever.

Your brand is not your “color palette + logo” combination. Your brand is what your clients say about your company. It is your your message and your core values. Your brand is the special sauce that makes you stand out. If your company looks just like any other company providing the same type of pet service, why would anyone feel compelled to hire you and not the other guy?

Solid memorable branding increases perceived value of service. It adds credibility and builds trust with customers.

Connect through Content

Truth bomb alert: 99% of people visiting your website site do not care about your company. Ouch! (The remaining 1% is your mom.)

A business website needs to emphasize the value of its services. People are not interested in what the company does, they want to know what they can get from hiring that company. (it’s a small shift in perspective that does the trick).

Your website content either encourages people to hire you or confuses and bores them to death. If they are bored with your website, that browser tab is guaranteed to be closed for good. But if they trust you have what it takes to look after their pet, they’ll dial your number.

Be Mobile

Any business website needs to be mobile-optimized, aka responsive. Why? Because 3 out of 5 consumers search for local businesses on their smartphones.

According to research, over 75% of people name significant differences in design between a mobile and desktop site versions to be one of the primary brand mistrust factors.

Congratulations, you have completed a crush course in website trust building!

Ready start building trust with your potential clients?

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