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Is your home page costing you sales?

For a pet business website, home page is a one of the most important pages. It gets the most traffic and it often is the digital "face" of the company. Home page is either inviting people to come in and explore the website or or makes them leave.

Do you know how your home page is performing?

You home page daily routine

A home page is responsible for more than you might think. It has more goals than any other page.

You home page should:

  • Clarify what your business is all about;
  • Show what sets you apart from competitors;
  • Navigate people to where they need to go;
  • Explain whether your services are for them;
  • Allow people to contact or book you right away;

Most importantly, your home page needs to make a great first impression.

Why first impression matters

It takes about 3 seconds to form a first impression that makes people decide whether they like your website or not, and whether they will stay or leave.

First impression is based on 2 components: visual design (how attractive your page looks) and usability (how well organized it is).

If the first impression people get from your website is not good, then it doesn't matter how great your service is - they are not going to stick around to find out.

Research shows that over 65% of people online associate good first impression of a website with its credibility.

The more credible your business looks online, the more people are likely to trust it enough to use its services

Great first impression builds credibility & trust for your business

Page Makeover Pricing

Give your home page a treat

Page Makeover to Go

DIY version

Perfect for solopreneurs and small size pet businesses with website design expereince


Page layout mockup

  • website analysis
  • analytics review
  • brand strategy session
  • content refinement
  • images and graphics review
  • page layout mock-up (PSD)

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Questions About Page Makeover Process?

We got the answers.

How long does it take?

It takes about 7 days to plan out, design and build a new page.

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees may apply depending on the functionality of your page. The total service fee is discussed before the start of the project.

What if I need my new page done ASAP?

We can accommodate your schedule within reasonable demands. An additional fee might apply for expedited jobs.

My website is not Wordpress. Can I still get this service?

It depends on what framework you are using as some of them have extremely limited design capabilities. We generally work with Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow, and Wix. We will be able to determine for sure during initial free consultation.

Does it matter how old my website is?

Unfortunately it does, in cases when a website is so old that its back-end can not be updated.

Will you change my branding?

In general, we try keep branding elements (colors, logo) as is, unless there is a strong reason to modify them. The rest of your website still needs to match your home page.

What if I don't have any good images to use?

Don't worry! If your current images/graphics are not contributing to making a great first impression for your company, we will either edit them or replace them.