Sniff Check Consultations

1-on-1 Consultation + Personalized Action Plan

The Quick Fix for Your Pet Website

1-on-1 Consultation

Increase your website signups

Find out what exactly you need to change on your website to get more sales

Show what sets you apart

Learn where your written content fails to communicate what makes your pet company different from the rest and how to fix that

End the website shame

You can be proud of your website! It is easier than you think.

What is Your Website Costing You?

Besides hosting and maintenance fees, what is the real cost of your website? How many people are passing up your services because they are not convinced they should hire you? How many fellow petpreneurs are not referring clients to you because your business just does not look professional. How many dogs are left to spend lonely hours at home or in kennels because their owners did not consider your services a worthy investment?

If you do not see people signing up for your services from your website - you are loosing thousands of $$$ every month!

Let's fix that

Book sniff check!

What is a Sniff Check?

The Quick fix for your pet website

1.5 hour phone or video session with our team to go over your pet business website to see how you can make it more profitable. You will finally understand what to change on your site to get more client sign-ups.

After the call, you will also get a 1-2 page action plan with all the recommended changes and edits for you or your web-designer to implement. You will receive a recording of the session as well.

What You Will Get


Clarity on where and how your website is preventing you from reaching your goals


Understanding of whether your business stand out from competitors and what you can do to position

A list of specific changes

A list of specific changes to implement on your website to increase sales and sign-ups

An insight

An insight on how you can change your content to give people a reason to hire you

The Investment

Sniff Check Consultation

1.5 hour video call session + Detailed list of specific recommendations for you to implement on your website


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