Why Barking Design

With over 150,000 web design agencies in the US alone, how do you choose the right one for your pet business?

Not another sales pitch

When it comes to finding someone to do your business website, there is no shortage of talent. You have your pick: agencies big and small, freelancers and fiver enthusiasts, online site builders and DIY gurus.

We are not here to sell you on “Barking Design websites making the most noise”. It is not our style. We know you’ll do your research, consult your budget and your intuition, and make the right choice. Our job is to educate you on what it actually takes to increase visibility and bring in revenues to your business, harnessing the power of digital marketing (and yes, that includes your website).

Your pet business needs more than "just a website"

Every business website that drives sales has:

  • Reliable and fast web platform
  • Good design for client engagement and conversions
  • Solid branding
  • Clear communication through goal-driven content
  • Mobile optimization and performance
  • Integrated marketing strategy
  • Social media and search visibility

"Just a website” won’t make your phone ring off the hook.

You need a website that's a part of a stellar marketing strategy to increase your company's online visibility and bring in the sales you want.

Good website is like a car - it will take you places

as long as you know how to drive

We'll get you ready for the journey

We've seen one too many entrepreneurs wandering around lone wolf-style: lost, not sure what to do next, switching direction at every corner, having no idea of how to get where they want to be.

Most businesses do not grow as fast as they could because their owners focus on one element of their marketing at a time while completely neglecting the rest, or try to do everything at once and spread themselves too thin. When all elements of business marketing are in sync, its impact becomes much stronger and produces measurable results.

Our team has expertise in marketing, design, and technology. We have been doing it since before the AOL days, keeping up with the times ever since, applying what works and fixing what doesn’t.

Think about us as your business development technicians: we can fix up your car (your website) and provide you with a road map (your marketing strategy) to help you reach your destination. Feel free to send us a post card once you get there.

Why do we make a “simple” pet business website sound complicated?

It's definitely not because we want to. It's because we have to.

If you only focus on one of its aspects - be that design, functionality, or content, expectations get broken, resources get wasted and the project falls short.

Once your website is set as a marketing hub for your company - real magic happens.

Learn what marketing strategies you should start implementing today.

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