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Do you struggle with growing your pet business?

Does it seem like no one knows about you?
Do you have to undercharge to make a sale?
Are new dog-walking apps and franchises making things even more difficult for you?
Are your marketing efforts a waste of time and money?
Is your website outdated and yet to bring you any profit?
Does coming up with social media and blog posts make your brain hurt?

2 ways we can help your business stand out

1-on-1 Consultation

Let's go over your website and see what you can change to have more sign-ups, and set your business apart from the competition.

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Website Makeover

Let's make a brand identity and a website to set your business apart from everyone else

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Why Barking Design

Build a Brand that people love

Give people a reason to hire you

Show your pet expertise

Establish your authority online

Get a website that makes a difference

Increase your signups and sales

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3 simple steps to stand out in the Pet Industry


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